Newly released by BERKUT ultra capacitor jump starter –BERKUT SPECIALIST JSC-600C HYBRID, is developed to jump start the vehicle in case of discharged battery or its malfunction.

This jump starter is equipped with a lithium battery pack. Smart combination enhances product’s operation capabilities in terms of long time storage or operating in extreme cold (- 40 °C) or extreme hot (+65 °C) conditions. If your discharged battery still has at least 10% capacity left, it takes about 2-3 mins for the device to charge from it and jump start the engine. Battery integrated into jump starter is meant to be used in case car battery does not have enough voltage left or if it is damaged. Full battery is enough to charge the capacitor up to 5 times.

Starting current of JSC-600С HYBRID is 600 А, it’s capable to start frozen gasoline engine with the volume up to 5,5 l and diesel engine up to 4 l. Led-light will help to operate in dark conditions and there are two USB-ports available for charging. The product is packed into a high quality, dirt and damage resistant plastic case.

This cutting edge technology makes BERKUT HYBRID stand outt. Product perfectly fits for personal use and professional maintenance and repair companies.

JSC-600C_2case JSC600-4