BERKUT presents a multi-functional jump starter (powered by lithium battery). The device is approved for a «must have» list for any road or hiking trip. It will come for rescue and jump start your car whenever it runs out of battery, or you can use it as a power bank to charge your phone, tablet, laptop or GPS navigator.

Rated by the capacity and starting current three models make the whole range: JSL-12000, JSL-18000 и JSL-20000. Suitable for any 12V-transport; power source via USB-ports for different types of electronics; type-C port is available in JSL-20000 model. Each device is equipped with multi-wires set. Electric block on the wires provides 5 levels of security: reversed polarity, short circuit, overheating or complete discharge of the battery and also it secures from reverse current after the jump start. For easier operation in dark conditions there is a led-light integrated into the jump starter’s body.  

You can charge your BERKUT either from 220V or 12V. Jump starter goes with a storage bag which will perfectly fit any jockey box.

BERKUT will keep your car on the go whenever you need it!